Vacuum Cleaner Leaving You in the Dust?
Expert Appliance vacuum repair has been cleaning up messes since 1988

It’s pretty easy to tell when your vacuum cleaner isn’t working. Pet hair’s piling up or dirt is  behind. What’s not easy is knowing whether it’s an easy fix or time for a new one. With Expert Appliance vacuum cleaner repair service, you never have to wonder.

Whether your vacuum is an upright, cordless, canister or automated roamer, our expert technicians have the skill to dissemble, discover and determine the best course of action. We can identify the cause of any number of issues you’re having, including:

  • Broken joint
  • Clogged brush
  • Clogged or split hose
  • Cord, plug or wire damage
  • Broken belt
  • Broken wheels
  • No power
  • Noises
  • Odors
  • Poor suction

Vacuum Repair is Often About Maintenance

The fact is, vacuums have moving parts that need regular cleaning, greasing and adjustments, while others wear out and must be replaced. You need skilled vacuum cleaner repair experts to know the difference. We also have contracts with most leading manufacturers to repair defects on vacuums still covered under their Manufacturer’s Original* Warranty. Wouldn’t you like to find out if you’re covered?

If you searched “appliance repair service near me,” you found the best vacuum repair company in New Jersey and New York. We also sell most major brands of vacuums if you’re shopping for a new one. Call us today for a free consultation!

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