Broken Washer or Dryer Creating Piles of Laundry?
Clean Your Clothes with Expert Appliance Washer and Dryer Repair

Let’s face it. Nobody loves doing laundry. But having a broken laundry machine is even worse. Don’t get stuck with laundry piles or laundromat trips—use Expert Appliance’s dryer and washer repair services instead.

Trusted Dryer and Washing Machine Repair in New Jersey and New York

Expert Appliance has been in business since 1988, so we’ve seen evolution of laundry machine design. That’s great news for you because we know how to fix them all.

Whether you have a “smart” dryer with blinking error code or require standard top loader washing machine repair, our expert technicians can help with all models, including:

  • Front loaders
  • Gas dryers
  • High-efficiency washers
  • Top loaders
  • Ventless dryers

We Work with All the Major Brands
Kenmore, Hotpoint, Maytag Repair and More!

Putting extensive experience to work with all makes and models, our washer/dryer repair specialists can accurately diagnose and repair any kind of problem you’re dealing with. Whether it’s a washing machine that wont drain, a dryer that won’t heat up enough, or simply an overdue maintenance issue, we’ll spot it and solve it.

Plus, you can count on the highest-quality replacement parts coupled with excellent value for your money. And if you end up needing a new washer or dryer, we sell them, too!

Call now to schedule dryer or washer repair, or to explore our inventory.

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